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You don't need to hate popular things just because they're popular

There’s nothing more popular than hating things that are popular, and there’s nothing more mainstream than to look at the mainstream with general disdain.

Apparently, it makes people feel cool and superior to hate things that other people like (and to tell those people about it, at length). Apparently, that’s fun for a lot of people.

But, honestly, I’m over it.

I’ll admit, I’m someone whose interests could easily be described as “basic”. My favourite books have always and will always be the Harry Potter series. My favourite songs are all written by Taylor Swift. La La Land was my favourite movie of 2016.

And I’m not embarrassed about any of those things! La La Land was an excellent film! Taylor Swift writes really good songs! There’s a reason that J.K. Rowling became a household name.

But I see people roll their eyes when I mention the things I’m interested in. I’ve had friends openly laugh at me for my earnest belief that Selena Gomez has released some goddamn bangers. People used to come up to me at parties to tell me they hated something that I was known to like (for lord knows what reason - did they think they would change my mind?).

It kind of makes me sad that this is how so many people think and act, whether they’re conscious of it or not. That so many people are so cynical about things just because other people like them. That as soon as something becomes popular, people feel like they have to hate it, just so they’re not the same as everyone else. That there are people who are somehow offended by the fact that I enjoy what I enjoy shamelessly.

I think it comes down to the fact that a lot of people are just morbidly afraid of being uncool, and it confuses them that I’m not afraid of that too. But I just have a different definition of “cool”. To me, it is cool to like things. It is cool to care about something, to be affected positively by something. It’s cool to openly talk about the things you enjoy, regardless of what other people will think, rather than just talking about why this is lame and why this is overrated and why everyone who likes this is a loser.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather people remember me by the things that I love than the things that I hate. I would rather spend time talking about the things that make me happy openly than pretend that I hate them just because everyone else does, only to later admit that yes, I do rewatch the Twilight movies sometimes, but it’s just a guilty pleasure!

Screw that. Don’t feel guilty about what you like! I’m telling you, anyone who tells you they haven’t rewatched the Twilight movies is lying to you and themselves.

Being unaffected and negative doesn’t make you cool, it makes you boring to talk to and exhausting to be around. Liking things unashamedly because they make you happy – regardless of what anyone else thinks – is what’s cool.

You don’t have to say that listening to One Direction or watching Home and Away is a guilty pleasure. Why on earth should we feel guilty about pleasure?

And if you genuinely cannot stop yourself from despising things that seem to be bringing a lot of people joy, don’t be a dick about it. Don’t come up to me at parties to tell me you hate Taylor Swift. I truly could not care less.


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