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Today Villainesse is seven months old

Time supposedly flies when you’re having fun. It also flies when you’re guiding a Villainesse through her first few months. Maybe that’s her super power… she makes time go [exponentially] faster. The last seven months have been an incredible, soul-affirming, exhausting, empowering, heartening blur, largely thanks to you.

Seven months ago it was May the 20th, the day that Villainesse launched. Since that time we’ve had over 40 writers contribute to the site, published 472 stories (including this one) and launched a tiny little thing called #MyBodyMyTerms. We’ve embarked on a journey that will hopefully continue for many more months (and years) to come.

Because even badass do-gooders need to chill every now and then, Villainesse will be taking a break until January. Never fear, however, from now till then we’ll be revisiting the top 30 ‘most-loved’ stories of 2015, as voted by you. For those readers who have joined us fairly recently, there will be some gems from earlier on that you probably haven’t yet read, and for those who’ve been with us from day one, there’ll be lots of favourites to revisit.

We’ll also be celebrating the [traditional] 12 days of Christmas on social media, so keep an eye on twitter and facebook from Christmas Day onwards for the chance to win some awesome Christmas gifts.

That’s it from me, and from the Villainesse team. To all of the Villainesse writers and columnists, you are awesome, thank you SO MUCH. To my force-of-nature Deputy Editor Jo, thank [insert deity here] for you! To the #MyBodyMyTerms cast and crew, you’ve started something huge, thank you. To our sponsors, ecostore and Les Mills, we're so grateful for your support. And to all of Villainesse’s amazing readers/supporters/YOU… Thanks so much for sharing the Villainesse’s first seven months with us.

Right, I can hear that ‘shut-up-and-get-off-the-stage music’ starting to play in the background, so I’ll keep it brief. Have a safe and happy holiday and we can’t wait to see you all back here in 2016. Love, peace, and all those good things.



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