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Dear Mike Hosking, yet again

Image: Mike Hosking / TVNZ/NZME

Dear Mike Hosking, yet again,

We’re glad to see that you’re reporting on the big stories. Like the clothes Jacinda Ardern will wear tonight when she takes on Bill English in the first leaders’ debate. With Fashion Week in full swing, designers must be clamouring to get you in the front row. Perhaps Fashion Quarterly should give you a column.

Many people will say that asking a female leader what she’s going to wear to an event where she’ll be quizzed about policy is gallingly sexist, but we think we might know what was really behind that question. Mike, were you making sure you won’t show up wearing the same thing? We can only imagine how embarrassing it would be if you two showed up wearing the same dress, or the same shoes. You were wise to check.

But Mike, you may have overlooked a few important factors. How is Bill English going to wear his hair? How is he going to manscape his eyebrows? What shade of lip balm is he planning to use? Plain? Or strawberry? It might pay to ask, Mike. Jacinda’s clothes may well be the least of your worries.

Or, you could just forget about all this trivial nonsense and get on with your job. That might be a better idea.




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