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Dear Mike Hosking 2.0

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Dear Mike Hosking,

Hey buddy what’s up? I’m a long time sufferer listener, first time caller.

So, I just read your rather insightful piece on all AI assistants being women and how this is “blatant discrimination” – against men who are missing out on being artificially intelligent computer robots.

I never thought I’d say this Micksta, but I agree with you! This AI stuff is sexist – but sexist towards women. Yawn. I heard that. Aren’t we over that now? You ask. I mean we got the vote and we have hashtags now, so women are clearly taking over the world.

Did you know that these AI are robotic assistants made to serve and be subservient to people? Similar to a reborn Jeannie from that horrendous crap-bucket of a show I Dream of Jeannie where Jeannie was a slave dressed in a culturally appropriated mid-drift situation and literally called Anthony, “Master”. You know it? It’s from your time. A time where men were men and women were popping Valium.

You wonder if “the reason that we don't have 50/50 CEOs and board members [could] be that women, as a whole, don't want, like, or desire those sort of jobs in vast numbers?” Yeah that’s the reason. Not because we’ve been systematically oppressed and held back from having jobs for the last two millennia. Women could not even own credit cards in New Zealand until the 1970s. I guess we just don’t have that same sense of ambition that so obviously comes with the Y chromosome. Or maybe we’ve just been repeatedly fucked over by people with Y chromosomes for millennia.

I hear your cries for a movement Hoskie, I really do. That ceiling needs to be smashed so that all these poor men who are not getting equal “employment opportunities” in the tech sector can finally be heard. I mean, clearly there is sexism afoot when a whooping 31% of employees at Facebook and Google are women. The horror! In NZ, women make up a huge 23% in the tech industries. The time for revolution has come!

I’m aware that this piece might be your attempt at some kind of lame satire. But judging from your previous brilliant pieces on everything from hating Jacinda, to calling teenagers entitled snots, to hating Jacinda again, in my opinion, your sentiments are one cliché away from sitting on your porch yelling at kids to get off your damn lawn.

Oh Mike, your tirade of anger against women is tiresome. Your ugly legions of trolls on social media lap this crap up because no one wants to hear their nonsense IRL. Their fury is probably linked with the creeping suspicion that they are fast becoming obsolete. In fact, I took a tumble down the inevitable horror hole that is the NZ Herald comments thread on Facebook and it seems like it’s already happening. One brilliant comment sums it up nicely, in my view: “I wish Mike Hosking would be replaced with AI.”

Right on sister, right on.


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