The Real Sex Talk.

  • Fri, 6, Apr, 2018 - 7:41:PM

Episode 8 - Gender Identity

So now that we know that sexuality exists on a spectrum, it’s time to talk about gender. Gender identity is about who you are, whether you’re a girl, boy, man, woman, transgender man, transgender woman; a gender queer, gender-fluid, agender, non-binary person; you identify with another label, or none at all. While our society has generally insisted on identifying us as either male or female, gender also exists on a continuum, so it is totally okay to use a different label.

Episode 7 will take a look at gender identity. There's a lot in there, so you might want to watch this one twice!

Some of the content covered in The REAL Sex Talk may be uncomfortable for some people. If you feel like you need support after watching the series, there are lots of awesome organisations that can help. Click here for more information.


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