The Real Sex Talk.

  • Tue, 20, Mar, 2018 - 10:43:PM

Episode 3 - Contraception and Protection

Before you have sex, it's important to think about contraception and protection. That’s right, the stuff that prevents sex from causing babies and sexually transmitted infections. You’ve likely heard of condoms, but are there other options available? How do you use contraception properly? Do you need to use protection during oral sex? Do lesbians need to use protection? And in heterosexual relationships, is it only the girls who should have to be responsible? (Spoiler: again, no!)

So many questions.

Episode 3 will take a look at different kinds of contraception, how they work, how to use them properly, and when they're needed.

Some of the content covered in The REAL Sex Talk may be uncomfortable for some people. If you feel like you need support after watching the series, there are lots of awesome organisations that can help. Click here for more information.



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