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  • Sun, 28, Apr, 2019 - 5:00:AM

What the hell is the Born Alive bill?

Did you know that doctors in the United States are executing babies after birth? That’s right. Look up ‘born alive’ on Twitter and you’ll discover the shocking truth.

And I know what you’re thinking. Look it up on Twitter? That’s not a reliable source! Does it help that the President of the United States has confirmed it?

You heard me, in the words of the current President: “The Democrat position on abortion is so extreme they don’t mind executing babies AFTER birth”  


Except, of course, that is NOT the Democratic position on abortion. Because executing babies after birth doesn’t fall under the category of ‘abortion’. The correct term for this particular action is ‘murder’ and, believe it or not, there are already quite specific laws ready to deal with that. Like the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002, signed into law by George W. Bush. Or, you know, the anti-murder law.

The ‘Born Alive bill’, in all its various iterations, might be best described as a ‘false flag’. What this current Born Alive Infant Protection bill, sponsored by Republican Ben Sasse, would require is that infants who survive attempted abortions be kept alive by all means possible. Essentially, it’s an infanticide ban – a law which, as I mentioned, is already on the books.

The issue with bills like this is that they remove nuance, demonise those who vote against them, and encroach upon the rights of people with wombs.

Let’s start with the first point. These sorts of bills do away with nuance. They work under the idea (and wish to propagate the idea in the minds of voters) that a pregnant person can choose, randomly, to terminate a pregnancy in the ninth month – and that this decision will go unquestioned by the abortion provider.

This is completely false. An estimated 1.3 per cent of abortions happen after 21 weeks in the United States, and most of these are the result of an unviable pregnancy. Over 91 per cent of abortions in the States happen before 13 weeks gestation. As for us, a recent study confirms that New Zealanders are getting abortions earlier and earlier in their pregnancies, likely due to the increased availability of medical (medicine-induced) terminations.   

The type of ‘abortion’ these bills describe, is the heart-breaking decision to end a non-viable pregnancy at a late stage. So, why are anti-choicers exploiting this heartbreak? That brings me to my second point: these bills are designed to demonise the ‘other’.

It’s certainly no coincidence that this exploitative propaganda is being shared while the Democratic primary dominates the news cycle. Varying polls show that a Democrat might win the 2020 presidential election and an effective way to stifle that risk is to tar them all with ‘supporting infanticide’.

It works too. A fence-sitter who may not research these issues deeply could easily believe such propaganda. Especially when it’s ‘confirmed’ by the president.

But then there’s the other reason, which I believe the main reason, and my third point. By chipping away at the freedoms of people seeking abortion, anti-choicers get closer to their ultimate goal: banning abortion altogether.

The most recent ‘Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act’ failed. Months later, a similar bill in North Carolina passed. This is how these things work, paving the way for someone like Ryan Magers, the 19-year-old suing an Alabama abortion clinic for ‘wrongful death’ after his 16-year-old girlfriend got an abortion against his wishes.

Other outcomes include affecting the way the public views abortion. Words like ‘ripping a baby from the mother’s womb’ are highly emotive. They can become lodged in a person’s mind, even after they’re proven inaccurate. This is incredibly dangerous when the issue is looking to go to a conscience vote in New Zealand.

It is the responsibility of our MPs to remember the facts – but that can be difficult if the public has been incensed by propaganda. It’s our duty, therefore, to counter these lies whenever we see them. Donald Trump and co. do not get to decide New Zealand’s abortion laws. But if we let their salacious lies go unchecked, they very well might.

For more information on how to get an abortion in New Zealand, visit Villainesse’s two-part How To Get An Abortion guide here and here.


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