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  • Sun, 24, Sep, 2017 - 5:00:AM

Thank f-ck the election is finally over

Image: Livia Belkova / Flickr

Thank f*ck it’s finally finished. It’s been a dirty, long-winded, teeth-grinding, soul-destroying few months, but you did it. You survived the 2017 NZ election. No, we’re not going to make you read a bunch of political analyses as to why one party did better than the other. There are plenty of other news organisations and websites that will be doling out retrospective rhetoric for the next few weeks.

We didn’t want to add to the Greek chorus, so we decided that your tired and worn out brain was probably in need of a fix of some mindless fun.

As a public service, Villainesse is proud to present to you a bunch of funny animal videos for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve got a cat fail, an angry frog, an excited donkey, a clever chameleon, a dog’s worst nightmare, a spitting goat, fainting goats, ninja cats, mean cats, fat cats, and hamsters losing it.

You’re welcome.


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