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  • Mon, 2, Oct, 2017 - 5:00:AM

October-itis sucks: Introducing… The Check-Up

There comes a time in every year when I want to crawl into bed with a bottle of wine, a full season of my current Netflix addiction, a tub of ice cream bigger than my head and a sense of complete abdication of all responsibility until Christmas. That time is now. If I could emerge from underneath my duvet circa December the 20th, just in time for festive drinks and nibbles with friends and family, that would be ideal, thanks.

I can’t be alone in experiencing October-itis. That’s the extremely scientific term I’ve come up with for the feeling that this interminable year is dragging us slowly across hot coals as it meanders its way to a close. The long winter months may (theoretically) be over, but there’s still a way to go until we can don Santa hats, flick on the blessed out-of-office email auto-reply, laze about in the sun and dive headfirst into three bowls of pavlova.

So now seems to be a good time to ask ourselves an important question that we often overlook: How do you feel?

While it would be easy to put our heads down and continue trudging dutifully towards December, the Villainesse team has decided this month to undertake something of a personal stocktake. We’ve survived the short, chilly days and long, rainy nights of winter, but we want to take a moment to focus on health and wellbeing, especially knowing that the next few months may involve stresses like last minute deadlines and (gulp) Christmas shopping.

So this month, we’re going to be sharing the Villainesse Check-Up, a short series of stories designed to get us to summer feeling relatively healthy and sane, rather than staggering over the finish line. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health can take a bit of a battering in the lead-up to the end of the year, so now feels like a good time to take preventative action.

Which is not to say that we’re going to go all Zen on you; or at least not all of the time. There’ll still be plenty of fire and brimstone from us during October, but it’ll be interspersed with moments of peace and clarity. How the balance will be struck will largely depend upon how many times we choke into our morning cups of male tears over an incident of sexist bullshit. If the last two months are anything to go by, those moments of peace and clarity may be a welcome respite!

We’ll kick off in a few days time. Until then, you can find me in bed, shoving hokey pokey into my face and watching Orphan Black


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