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  • Fri, 12, Jun, 2015 - 5:00:AM

Erin Simpson: Tough love wisdom for girls of all ages

I’m often asked for advice. I’m that girl. Which is great, because sharing our wisdom can often be the only way to keep learning and get to know each other better. It can also trigger some pretty funny memories.

I’ve learnt a thing or two during my crazy journey, and I’m sure I still have heaps to figure out. Here are a few things I’ve picked up along the way:


Stop stressing! The world could be falling down, it might feel like it actually is a lot of the time. But it’ll all be okay. Stay in touch with friends: having friends who think we’re awesome can be the best during stressful times. Talking with your family/whanau can be awesome too but take your headphones out of your ears, no one knows if you can actually hear them when you have them in!  Also stop pretending you can listen and txt at the same time – no one can! Trying to listen + txting = damn you autocorrect! 


Travel, meet new people and make lots of different friends! Different people from different backgrounds have so many amazing experiences to share. And don’t feel like you have to work in the city. People think this is where they have to be in order to make it big but really cities are just filled with workaholics and alot of the time can be no fun.


It might sound boring but try to get into the property market, get a dog and don’t be scared to commit to a relationship. Don’t panic (life’s not over), don’t waste your money on stuff you never knew you needed and for the love of G stop playing the GREASE medley at parties. 


Relax! No one expects people in their 40’s to be cool (and that’s a good thing!), anything you do that’s vaguely hip will get you double brownie points, so join twitter and embrace hashtags that are trending i.e #strugglestreet #turntup #repost. But please, don’t join Instagram! That’s just awkward!!!

People older than Mum and Dad

Join Instagram!! Grannies that are on Instragram are the coolest!!!! Also stop reading library books so much and ‘get up to play’ with other mediums. Social media, YouTube, Ted Talks etc are fantastic ways to stay connected and informed.  Also maybe don’t accuse the neighbours of stealing all the fruit from the trees - this only ends up in heated arguments (same deal with telling people to stop wearing their pants too low). Although feel free to snap a pic of said bare fruit tree and post it on instagram, tag the offender and add the caption “sorry grandkids, no jam for you this year #sadface.” Who said good old-fashioned revenge can’t go digital?


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