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Definitive proof NZ women are funnier than NZ men

I’m old enough (read: not that old) to remember when people said ‘kiwi comedy’ was an oxymoron. The quip still pops up in the rubbish dump that is the local news comment sections.  

I’m also old enough to remember when people said women weren’t funny. 

I’m kidding, of course, they still say that of women.  

Last month Rose Matafeo won the Edinburgh Comedy Award, essentially the comedy Oscar, and confirmed a theory I’ve long suspected: NZ women are funnier than NZ men. 

Look, calm down love, I’m just drawing on the evidence.  

And with so much female talent clawing for your eyeballs, it’s difficult to know where to start. Here to help is a non-exhaustive guide to the best and the brightest. 

Rose Matafeo

The woman of the hour. I came upon Matafeo through the inimitable, and sorely missed, U Live. She quickly became a household name via stints on Jono & Ben and Funny Girls, though it’s oddball podcast Boners of the Heart that truly has my heart.

WATCH RIGHT NOW: This may be the funniest ad I’ve ever seen. 

Alice Snedden

Boners of the Heart co-host Alice Snedden is the comedy disruptor you didn’t know you needed. Snedden is a comedian unlike any other on the NZ scene. Her best work to date is the gut-busting Alice Snedden’s Bad News, a TVNZ On Demand docuseries exploring thorny social issues with a heaping scoop of irreverence. 

WATCH RIGHT NOW: While every episode is fantastic, this one is particularly satisfying – and should be taught at broadcasting school.

On the Rag Podcast

Alex Casey, Michele A‘Court, and Leonie Hayden warrant a section each on this list, but for brevity’s sake I present them together. On the Rag is a monthly (geddit?) podcast, wrapping up the latest news as it affects women. And it’s just plain funny.

WATCH RIGHT NOW: This makeup tutorial is a casual 59 minutes long. I can’t think of a better way to spend an hour.  

Lucy Zee

While you won’t know Zee from the stand-up circuit, you might have caught some of her painfully deadpan videos for The Wireless. I scream each time a new one’s released – which is to say I briefly widen my eyes, grin, and put my headphones in. 

READ RIGHT NOW: This tale of a night with Max Key is one for the ages. 

The Fan Brigade  

I’ve not yet had the chance to see The Fan Brigade in person, though any duo who ban Mike Hosking from their show, rile up unfunny dudebros in the process, and go on to sell out their season thanks to all the controversy, have my interest. 

WATCH RIGHT NOW: This NSFW serenade of Mike McRoberts is the best terrible thing I’ve seen… maybe ever?  

Laura Daniel

Known for the fronting some world class song parodies and skits on Jono & Ben and Funny Girls, Daniels also co-headlines Two Hearts, a comedy arena spectacular, with equally hilarious Joseph Moore (one man included on the list for balance).

WATCH RIGHT NOW: Literally anything she’s in, but this Jobs/Wozniak parody is almost unmatched.

PS to any dudes who this list pisses off: please learn how to take a joke. 


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