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  • Mon, 10, Feb, 2020 - 5:00:AM

Can you help us? Villainesse needs your support

Asking for help isn’t the easiest thing in the world… but here I am, asking you for your support. If you love reading Villainesse, would you consider making a donation so we can keep making the content you love?

Why do we need help? You would’ve likely heard that it’s a tough time for media organisations. Facebook and Google have eaten the lion’s share of the advertising revenue that used to go to media companies, without paying media companies for their content, or paying much tax. That’s all true. What is also true is that at Villainesse we refuse to compromise our values for quick bucks. We are dedicated to making content that aligns with our vision (which is to empower young women).

You – our readers – are at the centre of that vision. I started Villainesse in 2015, hoping to create a space for “smart, no filter, no bullshit media for young women.” I am immensely proud (and still kinda stunned and stumped, to be honest) that that vision has become a reality. And thankful. To you, and to our writers, creatives, production and event crews.

Over the last nearly five years we’ve published hundreds of articles, produced campaigns, webseries, events and a documentary. Some of my personal highlights include articles like the tongue-in-cheek Dear Mark Richardson and Jesse Mulligan, the hopefully soon-to-be obsolete (if proposed changes are made to existing abortion legislation) The Villainesse Guide: How to get an abortion in New Zealand and the webseries that taught me more about sex than I think I ever wanted to know in the first place, The REAL Sex Talk.

I’ve also had the great pleasure of working with some amazing writers who have made Villainesse the sassy, intelligent, no bullshit publication it is. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to introduce some of them to you, so that you can get to know the people behind the words.

We don’t want you to feel pressured – we love writing for you, but if you’re in a position to make a donation, we’d be so grateful. Even if it’s $5.00 per month, or a one-off donation of $20.00, every little bit helps.

You can donate by clicking here, or by clicking one of the “Support Villainesse” buttons (just below this article, or at the top of the screen). 

Thanks so much!

Lizzie x


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