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  • Sat, 29, Sep, 2018 - 5:00:AM

The best Twitter reactions to the Kavanaugh hearing

If you were too busy watching Jacinda win over the world with her maiden speech to the UN yesterday, you may have missed the most talked about event on Twitter this week—and no, it wasn’t baby Neve.

On Thursday morning (US time), the incredibly brave and badass Dr Christine Blasey Ford, a professor of psychology at Palo Alto University in California, stood before the Senate Judiciary Committee to state her testimony and publicly relive the violent sexual assault that occurred when she was in high school. The man who allegedly carried out that assault, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, grown-up ultra-bro and every high school girl’s worst nightmare, also gave his testimony at the hearing.

If you somehow managed to miss this whole ordeal, I would recommend catching up here. It’s a harrowing and frustrating watch that requires a glass or bottle (definitely bottle) of wine, and certainly not beer (you’ll get that joke after you watch it). But it's worth it. Don’t have four hours to spare? Catch up on the key moments here.

Anyway, cutting to the chase—in these dark times, Twitter always pulls through with some solid #content to cheer us up and/or make us feel more or less helpless about the broken world in which we live. Be they thought-provoking, comical or inspirational, tweets seem to have a way of bringing people together, and they certainly did that in this case. So behold, the best tweets (imho) to come out of the Kavanaugh hearing.









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