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19 No filter resolutions for 2019

I’ve decided to cut the bullshit this year. Below are my own personal no filter 2019 resolutions. Feel free to steal them, adapt them, use them or ignore them. You do you, babes. But in case you feel like a bit of tough love this year, I thought I’d share.

  1. 1. Unfollow #fitspo, #models, and #thighgap

Replace them with #libraries, #humour, and #artgalleries. If I’m gonna be jealous anyway, I’d prefer it be over some oil on canvas.

  1. 2. Prioritize your own pleasure

Is this the year you finally buy that thing? Is this the year you finally ask them to do that thing? You know what I’m talking about.

  1. 3. Go the fuck to sleep

The viral children’s book was written for, well, children – but is good advice for all of us.

  1. 4. Fuck it, exercise

It’s unlikely that you'll squat your way clear of depression – trust me, I’ve tried. But it’s indisputable that exercise releases endorphins, and we could all do with more of those. If all you can manage right now is a 10-minute walk, do that.  

  1. 5. Buy a damn water bottle

Stop buying that shit from the supermarket! That shit comes outta your tap for free! And that plastic shit takes (approximately) a trillion years to decompose!

  1. 6. Related, buy a Keep Cup

We all love strutting around town with a beverage in hand, but we gotta lower the environmental impact somehow.

  1. 7. If it’s feasible for you, buy a reusable straw

See 6.

  1. 8. Just don’t be a dick about 5-7

There’re a bunch of factors keeping people from doing the above.  See here, here and here for some valuable insight. And remember, using or not using a plastic straw isn’t going to save or kill the environment. These are baby steps. Don’t get lulled into a false sense of high-and-mighty comfort. And certainly don’t call people out for not doing the same as you. You don’t know their situation.

  1. 9. Stop being a food snob

You’ve cut sugar and it’s working out well? Fantastic! But there’s no need to point out how many teaspoons are in your mate’s hot chocolate. Same goes the other way: don’t tell your healthy friend to ‘live a little’. Keep your eyes on your own plate.

  1. 10. Do what you can

You shouldn’t put yourself in physical danger (ever), but maybe you can manage a bit of social danger by calling out your mate’s casual racism? Maybe you can challenge your uncle’s view on immigration? Maybe you can side-eye your manager’s sexist comment – even if only for others in the room to see. Do what you can with the position you have.

  1. 11. Start a revolution


  1. 12. Make a sport of kindness

Watch the fear vanish from your waiter’s eyes when you don’t blow up at her for spilling your coffee.

  1. 13. Related: compliment people’s talents

‘You’re so good at that’ can go a long way – longer than you might expect, sometimes.

  1. 14. Accept the company policy, or don’t take it out on the teenaged cashier

That teenager on minimum wage who told you your voucher is expired/they don’t do returns/they didn’t order enough stock (etc.) didn’t make the rules. Those were set by a much older (and wealthier) person. If the policy is truly offensive, escalate your complaint to the higher-ups. Frontline staff don’t make nearly enough money to absorb your temper tantrum.

  1. 15. Practice life-enriching self-care

Sometimes self-care means blobbing out with a half-kilo of chocolate and watching The Bachelor for 6 hours. Sure. But sometimes self-care means tidying your room. Sometimes it means reading a book. Sometimes it means looking at your budget (really looking at it) and carving out some luxuries (a monthly mall massage?) that won’t send you bankrupt.  

  1. 16. Stop dicking around

Newsflash: the only way to get that thing done… is to start doing it. There’s no secret trick to writing a book, becoming a runner, reading War and Peace, picking up guitar, learning German. You’ve just got to start, hon.

  1. 17. Protect your heart

Fiercely. Ferociously. Like a mama grizzly to her cub. That’s your HEART!

  1. 18. Protect your skin

Slip slop slap. Moisturise your neck. Do all the things.

  1. 19. Love

Tell people how you feel about them. Give people hugs. Give people grins. Don’t be stingy with your love – you’re only being stingy with yourself.

Here’s to a wonderful 2019. 


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