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12 No filter goals for 2021

January 1st is not the day for making resolutions.

I mean, technically it is, it’s actually the official day for it – but I don’t think it’s the best day for it. I think goals for the new year are best made around February/March. Schools are back up and running, work is in full swing. Let’s face it, January is a write-off. February is when the year truly begins, March before we’re working at full speed – and let’s be real, it’s April by the time we stop writing last year’s date on everything.

So, in light of all that, I think it’s time for goal setting. And none of this wishy-washy crap from last year (we saw how that turned out). After a year like 2020, I’m done with making goals that diminish my life (lose weight? no thank you). These are my no filter, no-fuss-if-I-don’t-do-them-all, it’s-just-about-having-fun goals for 2021.


  1. 1. Do something huge. Like run the Auckland Marathon! (I do have until October to train, though I may just opt for the 10K instead. That’s huge enough.)  


  1. 2. Do something joyful. This Vintage Jazz Dance Class looks incredible. According to the website: “Authentic vintage jazz dance involves dancing to music from the jazz and swing eras. From the 1920s to the 1930s and 1940s, it can be danced in various styles to suit a wide range of music.”


  1. 3. Go viral on Tik Tok. First step, download Tik Tok.


  1. 4. Create a Stan account for Lady Gaga – I actually already did this, it’s called Lady Gaga In Art, go follow!


  1. 5. Buy an impressive amount of books to use as a Zoom background. Support local bookstores, look clever on Zoom – it’s a win-win. And hey, I could even think about reading some of them.


  1. 6. Get a tattoo? Is 2021 the year of the dolphin jumping over the ankle? Maybe.


  1. 7. Chicken out of the tattoo idea and do something bold with hair. Get a fringe? Potentially scarier than the tattoo idea.


  1. 8. Clean out wardrobe and give the lot to the op shop. And actually donate some good stuff, aka that lacy Trelise Cooper thing my mum gave me but isn’t really my style, but I can’t throw out because it’s Trelise Cooper. It’s obviously meant for someone else, and they’re gonna be stoked to find it at an op shop.


  1.  9. Go on an op-shop-shopping spree. But only after the previous goal is achieved.


  1. 10. Okay but for real, start taking a language night class. Everyone claimed we should be learning Spanish/Mandarin/te reo while in lockdown, perhaps now that the pressure’s off it’s a good time to actually do it. 


  1. 11. Give more compliments. Even better: make them skill-related, not appearance-related. “You’re so good at that” goes a hell of long way, more than you might realize sometimes.


  1. 12. Go the fuck to sleep. No more doomscrolling at 11pm. No more phones in bed, period. If 2021 is the year for joy and exuberance, it’s also gotta be the year for rest.


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