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5 Questions: Wonder Woman takes a stand, Bollywood harassment claims, Church of England takes progressive stand + More

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1. How wonderful is Wonder Woman for taking a stand against Brett Ratner? Refusing to have anything to do with a sequel until he is removed from the project deserves a shout-out.

2. Will the powerful men of Bollywood be the next to fall? Sexual harassment claims are starting to emerge from the eastern film industry juggernaut.

3. Is the Church of England the most progressive of religions? They have issued a directive to schools that children should be allowed to explore their gender identity. Amen to that.

4. How come no-one noticed that a woman conquered the world’s most difficult mountain ascent? She is the first one to do it.

5. Why has it taken so long for Pirelli to produce a calendar featuring only people of colour? Probably because it was helmed by British Vogue’s first male editor and person-of-colour, Edward Enninful.


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