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5 Questions: #WhoElse, NSW gets with the times, Holy Land violence + More

Image: Israeli paratroopers holding a position in Nablus, located in the Palestinian-administered West Bank, as part of Operation Defensive Shield during the Second Intifada / Israel Defense Forces / Wikimedia Commons

1. What do you know about #WhoElse? We need to work towards a society that's safer for all women.

2. What took New South Wales so long to close a loophole allowing employers to sack a woman who knew she was pregnant when she was hired? A great question.

3. Will things get more violent in the Holy Land? Israeli forces have launched airstrikes on targets in Gaza, after several people died in protests following calls for a Third Intifada in response to US president Donald Trump announcing the US would move its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In response to the airstrikes, Hamas has launched more rockets from Gaza into Israeli cities. Protests against the embassy move have also taken place at US and Israeli diplomatic missions around the world, including in New Zealand.

4. How huge of a deal is it that the Pope says we need a better translation of the Lord's Prayer? It would be the biggest change to the most important prayer in Christianity in many centuries, if not millennia. Pope Francis says the phrase "lead us not into temptation" needs to be changed because God does not tempt people - that's what Satan does.

5. What do you know about the Chinese-Indian border dispute? The world's two most-populous nations have been involved in a tense dispute for decades over where the boundary is precisely between them.


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