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5 Questions: WA girls allowed to wear pants, Martin Shkreli going to jail, Todd Barclay job-hunting in UK + More

Image: Vladimir Putin speaking at a gala for the TV station RT in 2015 / / Wikimedia Commons

1. Why were girls prevented from wearing trousers at school in the first place?! Girls at public schools across Western Australia will now be allowed to wear pants and shorts to class.

2. Does anyone feel sorry that Martin Shkreli is going to jail after all? We don't.

3. Who's paying for Todd Barclay's trip to London? And isn't the timing s-u-s-p-i-c-i-o-u-s.

4. How is it OK for a school to BODY SHAME a student? A school in the US state of Missouri is under fire for doing just that, when officials told a girl she had to shop for larger clothes because she was "too busty." WTH.

5. Are Russian state-owned media outlets really just propaganda outfits? Is water wet?


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