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5 Questions: US troops ambushed, UK women’s college accepts trans women, Vegas terrorist a misogynist + More

Image: Niger / Magharebia / Wikimedia Commons

1. What's going on in Niger? At least three US Special Forces troops have been killed in an ambush while on patrol near the border with Mali. It's the most serious attack on US forces in Africa in years. We now wait with baited breath if the Orange One will lose it on Twitter and order retaliatory airstrikes that could kill many, many more people than the actual attack did.

2. What took so long for one of the UK's most prestigious schools to FINALLY accept people who identify as women but were not biologically born as women? A women-only Cambridge college has changed its admissions policy to accept students who identify as female, rather than just born-female.

3. When will we ever DO SOMETHING about the fact abusing women is the single biggest warning sign of future mass violence? We might all be dead first.

4. How bad is the NFL's sexism problem? B-A-D.

5. Would you watch a romantic drama about Tinder? We'll pass. Forever.


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