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5 Questions: US embassy in Jerusalem outcry, Brock Turner returns, birth after uterus transplant + More

Image: The Old City in Jerusalem near the Damascus Gate / Ben Mack

1. How big of a mistake would the US moving its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem be? Enough to spark another Palestinian Intifada and trigger mass protests around the world and ruin relations with several Middle Eastern nations big.

2. Is Brock Turner even human? Appealing his sexual assault conviction when he already was given a ridiculously light sentence makes one wonder. Here's to hoping the judge agrees that the sentence was way too light and instead gives him what he deserves.

3. How big of a medical a breakthrough is the first birth in the US by someone who had a uterus transplant? It's huge.

4. Is chess legend Garry Kasparov becoming less sexist? At least now he seems to have finally realised women can be just as good at chess as men. It's taken him long enough to realise something we've basically known since forever.

5. What's happening in Yemen? A shaky alliance between rebel groups fighting against the government appears to be fracturing - which could lead to even more chaos in the war-torn Middle East nation.


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