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5 Questions: Trump considering Title IX rollback, abortion laws in India, wildfires in Oregon + More

Image: Wildfires in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon / US Forest Service / Wikimedia Commons

1. Is Trump about to roll back Title IX? It would be unconscionable, and probably the most blatantly misogynistic thing done as US president yet. Then again, he has already said DACA will be repealed. Someone needs to throw him out of office, stat.

2. Can we talk about abortion laws in India? They're unacceptably archaic.

3. Have you heard about the wildfires in Oregon? Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean may be getting more coverage, but the western US state is experiencing its worst fires in decades, making the air so hazardous people in Portland are being told to stay indoors and forcing thousands of people to flee their homes, while also destroying some of the most unique natural areas in the world.

4. Have you seen a suspicious man around Napier? Police are looking for a man allegedly filming up skirts without permission.

5. Is hunkering down in a fancy wine cellar while live tweeting it the best way to ride out a Category 5 hurricane? Um, no. Sorry, Sir Richard Branson.


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