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5 Questions: Third Intifada, Lindsey Vonn v Trump, hope for Merkel + More

Image: The skyline of Jerusalem’s Old City / Ben Mack

1. Now that Hamas has called for a Third Intifada, what’s next for the Holy Land and the world? The last Intifada in the early 2000s led to the deaths of thousands. The fiercest clashes in years have already erupted as the Israeli military is calling up reserves and rushing forces to the borders with the West Bank and Gaza and warning citizens of the risk of suicide bombings and missile attacks in populated areas. The UN Security Council has called an urgent meeting amid fears global stability could be threatened after calls by influential Islamic leaders for the umma – all Muslims around the world – to join forces to retake Jerusalem.

2. How brave is Lindsey Vonn? The best skier in the world has said she will not represent the Orange One at the upcoming Winter Olympics. Expect a furious attack by the president and his right-wing sycophants in three, two, one…

3. Could Merkel stay on as German chancellor after all? There’s interest in another “grand coalition” with the rival Social Democrats – an arrangement that would be similar to if Labour and National agreed to govern together in New Zealand.

4. What took Australia so long to legalise same-sex marriage? Better late than never, at least.

5. How awesome would it be if more men’s sports teams were like Sweden’s men’s handball team in taking a pay cut so women can be paid the same? Players on the team have decided to take a pay cut so the women’s team can be paid the same amount. Here’s hoping other men’s teams around the world will do the same.


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