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5 Questions: Sexual assaults in taxis, Catalonia claims independence, Macklemore wows NRL crowd + More

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1. Do we have a safety issue for women traveling alone in taxis? For some, including The Edge radio host, Jay-Jay Harvey, sexual assaults are a terrifying possibility.

2. Will the European Union recognise Catalonia’s claim of independence from Spain? The Spanish government are already claiming it was an illegal poll.

3. Will Macklemore’s NRL Grand Final performance help the ‘yes’ vote in Australia? And did those angry white men eat their words?

4. And why can’t Australia take a cue from Germany in changing same-sex marriage laws quickly? Although German efficiency is probably to thank …

5. Why is a thirteen year-old girl wearing shorts and a tank top ‘distracting’ to her male peers? Her dad is taking a stand against her school’s archaic dress code. 


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