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5 Questions: NZ bans vaginal mesh, Golden Globes controversy, Vera Katz dies + More

Image: Former Portland, Oregon mayor Vera Katz speaking at the dedication of a park named after her / brx0 / Wikimedia Commons

1. How big of a deal is New Zealand effectively banning vaginal mesh? When it comes to women's health, it's a very big deal that's getting international attention.

2. Are you as disappointed as we are no female directors have been nominated for a Golden Globe? Did the judges not see Wonder Woman?!

3. What do you know about Vera Katz? The legendary former mayor of the US city of Portland – who fled the Nazis with her family as a child by literally hiking hundreds of kilometres over the Pyrenees, and became one of the most influential women in the US Pacific Northwest by transforming a city infamous for violence and intolerance by championing the rights of women and minorities and emphasising inclusion – has died.

4. Can Trump's misogyny get any worse? Just when we think it can't... it does. What a time to be alive.

5. Can we talk about racism and wealth inequality? The average African-American person in Boston has a net worth of US$8. Yes, $8. That is not a typo. The average net worth of a white person in Boston? US$247,500 - about 31,000 times higher. Really.


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