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5 Questions: Military boot camp for young offenders, Labour announces life skills for students, Oz Deputy PM a Kiwi + More

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1. Exactly how will enforced military training help at-risk youth? And why does National think it will work despite experts saying it won’t?

2. Meanwhile, will Labour’s policy to introduce a student life skills toolkit appeal to younger voters? Learning to drive and budgeting are among some of the proposed classes.

3. Will Australian Deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce, embrace his Kiwi lineage? In saying that, do we really want him to?

4. How many tweets will it take to name and shame alt-right supporters in Charlottesville? Twitter users are taking to social media to out them.  

5. Anyone witness the trainwreck that was Miss Universe NZ 2017? So many things went wrong that … well … we’ll probably leave it at that ...


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