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5 Questions: Mass shooter court-martialled for domestic violence, Weinstein hired investigators to spy on women, Peters launches legal action + more

Image: Harvey Weinstein / Peabody Awards / Wikimedia Commons

1. When will the link between domestic violence and mass shootings be taken seriously? In news that should shock precisely no one, Sutherland Springs shooter was court-martialled after being accused of assaulting his wife and child in 2012.

2. Does the news that Weinstein hired investigators to spy on alleged victims surprise anyone? Seems to fit right in to his general character, doesn’t it? Ick.

3. Does hell hath any fury like Winston Peters scorned? Deputy Prime Minister takes legal action against journalists and former ministers.

4. Do you know who this man is? Police release footage of ‘person of interest’ in Napier indecent assault cases, asking the public to help them identify him.

5. Can someone please employ this woman pronto? And give her a corner office.


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