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5 Questions: Judge makes interesting comments about an assault, Rumours around female CEO for Rugby Australia, Ministry for Vulnerable Children rebrands + more

1. Does a man being discharged without conviction after grabbing his daughter by the neck and holding her down, kicking his wife in the ribs and assaulting another man set a precedent? "There would be many people who would have done exactly what you did, even though it may be against the law to do so,” Judge Brandts-Giesen said.

2. Should Raelene Castle have to turn in her New Zealand passport for becoming the CEO of Rugby Australia? We're kidding. Congratulations to Castle, who has become the first female CEO of the organisation.

3. Will the most recent terror attack in NYC have an impact on subway security? Explosive device partially detonates in subway pedestrian walkway, injuring four.

4. Is this the biggest no-brainer Government decision of all time? Government drops the ‘vulnerable’ from Ministry for Vulnerable Children, renaming the agency Oranga Tamariki - The Ministry for Children.

5. How cool does this Māori start-up sound? Business accelerator Kōkiri aims to help Māori entrepreneurs turn ideas into profitable business ventures.


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