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5 Questions: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Pakistan unrest, Macron vs sexism in France + More

Image: People at a coffee shop inside Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport / Ben Mack

1. How did you mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women? Thousands of people marched around the world, with some of the largest demonstrations taking place in Turkey and Latin America.

2. What's happening in Pakistan? Large clashes are taking place in cities throughout the country, and the military has been called on to quell the unrest.

3. What do you think of Emmanuel Macron's new plan to end violence against women and sexism in France? The French president has said gender equality needs to be a national priority.

4. With sexual violence in war zones worse than ever, what can we do to stop it? More funding for organisations like UN Women and working to end wars is a start.

5. How dangerous is Russia classifying all overseas media as "foreign agents?" The nation continues to regress into Soviet Union-style isolation from the West - and it's the Russian people who are suffering.


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