• Tue, 8, Aug, 2017 - 5:00:AM

5 Questions: Green Party chaos continues, Tom Walsh named shot put world champ, More males need HPV vaccine + More

1. What exactly is happening with the Green Party? Two MP's to step aside in protest against Metiria Turei's continued leadership.

2. Is Timaru the new breeding ground for shot-put champs? Tom Walsh becomes the first Kiwi male world champion in a track and field event.

3. Have you boys had your HPV vaccine yet? With the increasing number of males being diagnosed with throat and mouth cancers, you probably should.

4. Anyone surprised that Uber can’t find a female CEO? The search for a woman to run the company has ended up with a shortlist of three men. Not ideal.

5. Meanwhile, over at Google, does the software engineer who thinks biological differences stop women being coders feel like a dick?



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