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5 Questions: Government may be cosying up to Putin, WNBA star writes #MeToo, Black Ferns pay negotiations + More

Image: WNBA player Breanna Stewart of the Seattle Storm attempts a shot against the Washington Mystics / rks-seattle / Flickr

1. Is the new NZ government attempting to cosy up to Putin? A bombshell report suggests Winston Peters is trying to do just that by pursuing a new free trade deal buried in the coalition agreement with Jacinda Ardern and Labour. More worrying, it appears Peters met with the Russian ambassador to New Zealand, Valery Tereshchenko, several times in the past year - even more often than New Zealand's actual Foreign Minister, Gerry Brownlee. The European Union has already slammed the proposed free trade deal, as it would undo years of efforts to punish Putin and the Russian government for its 2014 invasion of Crimea and Russia's continued attempts to destabilise democracies around the world. Peters and the Labour Government need to answer a lot of questions.

2. What's harder: being a professional athlete or writing an essay for millions of strangers to read saying #MeToo? Breanna Stewart - one of the most famous basketball players in the world - has penned an incredibly powerful essay describing how she's a child sexual abuse survivor. The final line: "And I can finally sleep."

3. How much should the Black Ferns be paid? THE SAME AS THE ALL BLACKS. Full stop.

4. Should we ban men from workplaces? That's probably not feasible, but we do need to do something about sexual harassment and abuse - including at workplaces.

5. Will America ever have a woman president? At the rate things are going, it seems further away than ever.


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