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5 Questions: Girls in Boy Scouts, sex with brides under 18 illegal in India, women and computer hacking + More

Image: The US' Ivy Mike nuclear test in 1952 / US Department of Energy / Wikimedia Commons

1. Now that girls can join, should the Boy Scouts change their name? This former Boy Scout thinks so.

2. How big of a deal is it that India’s Supreme Court has declared sex with brides under 18 illegal? Big enough that it’s the biggest advance in women’s rights in the world’s second-most-populous nation in decades.

3. What do you know about the women involved in the early days of computer hacking? For better or worse, they were pioneers.

4. Is every cis man in Hollywood a pig? Add Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa to the list. Oh, and the number of people who have come forward with allegations against Harvey Weinstein is now up to at least 34, while the number of people with allegations against Ben Affleck is also rising. Sickening.

5. How close are we really to nuclear war? Close enough that the University of Hawaii is advising students and staff what to do in case nukes start raining down from the sky. And close enough that the Orange One’s top aides have literally had discussed and practised what to do if (or when) their boss gives the order to attack.


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