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5 Questions: Gender-neutral bathrooms, women forced to work harder than men, more misogyny at Google + More

Image: tedeytan / Wikimedia Commons

1. How rad would it be if more cities made all their bathrooms gender-neutral like Berlin? The German capital is redesigning urinals in an effort to make all public bathrooms gender-neutral.

2. Do men do a lot less than women? Considering there's much more pressure placed on women and many more obstacles to overcome, the answer is usually yes.

3. How deep do Google's misogyny and gender discrimination problems go? It's looking more and more like it has been a serious issue for some time that executives were covering up. Meanwhile, the now ex-employee who wrote the anti-woman screed is seeking fame through a number of interviews with far-right figures known for their misogyny.

4. Should MPs be allowed to wear traditional dress in Parliament? ​Of course - and now it could soon be possible to wear the puletasi and ta'ovala thanks to a new amendment first proposed by young Pacific advocates.

5. How amazing is Lizzie Velasquez? She's not letting body-shamers and people who mock her appearance stop her from being totally kickass.


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