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5 Questions: Fuel tax outcry, NZ slammed in US media, Terry Richardson abuse allegations + More

Image: Terry Richardson (centre) / Dave Tada / Wikimedia Commons

1. How do you feel about the government's planned fuel tax? Aotearoa officially has a new Prime Minister, but Aucklanders are fuming over a planned tax of 10 cents for every litre of petrol, which ostensibly will be used to fund road works and light rail construction.

2. Can we talk about the bad news cycle for New Zealand in US media? Outcry over Jacinda Ardern's "capitalism has failed" comments, comparisons to Trump, US Ambassador Scott Brown investigated over sexist comments made at an event, the new Minister for Immigration under fire for falsely claiming a link between increased immigration and unemployment, the National Party ordered to pay $600,000 for ripping off an Eminem song... narratives matter when trying to attract international investment and conduct diplomacy.

3. Why was Terry Richardson able to get away with his actions for so long? The fashion industry - and men in general - needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror - then make sure it never happens again.

4. Is a self-help group literally branding women and turning them into slaves? Stay away from Nxivm.

5. Is Cate Blanchett the hero we all need? “Women like looking sexy, but it doesn’t mean we want to fuck you." AMEN.


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