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5 Questions: Cyclone Donna hits South Pacific, Countdown announces trans policy, Le Pen appealed to younger voters + More

Image: Jeso Carneiro/ Flickr

1. What damage will Cyclone Donna bring to this part of the world? She’s already been named as the most destructive May cyclone in the South Pacific.

2. Can we get a ‘whoop whoop’ for Countdown about their transgender employee policies? How long will it take for other companies to follow?

3. Why did so many young French voters really vote for Marine Le Pen? Despite losing to Emmanuel Macron, reports indicate the far-right leader appealed to almost 44% of 18-24 year-olds.

4. How does the UK justice system allow 45 rapists to walk free? And is this why victims are loathe to come forward in the first place?

5. Do you know one of the five people affected by revenge porn? These are the new statistics from Australia.


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