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5 Questions: Contact sports in schools, China and female leaders, WSJ promotes misogyny + More

Image: Chiwan, China / Ben Mack

1. Should contact sports be banned in schools? There's a debate around just that.

2. Why haven't there been any female leaders of modern China? Two reasons: systematic sexism and deeply-entrenched misogyny.

3. What the eff was the Wall Street Journal thinking running such misogynist drivel?! Running a story on "the decline of marriage" and with such lines like "girls are easier to mislead than guys just by lying or just not really caring" is not only effing disgusting, it's unconscionable.

4. Why do some women become incredibly conservative in their views? A variety of reasons.

5. What's going on in Cuba? The US is pulling out diplomatic staff and urging citizens not to visit the island nation, amid mysterious attacks against Americans using sonic weapons that render victims deaf. Stranger still, the Cuban government does not appear to have anything to do with the attacks.


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