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5 Questions: Catalonia independence on pause, National Coming Out Day, Clinton speaks out against Weinstein + More

Image: Star Wars star Daisy Ridley / Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

1. How big of a deal is it that Catalonia's leaders seem to be hitting pause on an independence push? Spain not descending into civil war big.

2. Is National Coming Out Day more crucial than ever, or outdated? LGBT+ activists have mixed feelings.

3. What took Hillary Clinton so long to speak out against Harvey Weinstein? If the former US presidential candidate slamming you isn't bad enough, designer Georgia Chapman - who Weinstein was the husband of - has announced she is leaving him.

4. Is Ivana vs Melania Trump over who is "First Lady" the dumbest public feud ever? It's up there.

5. Are you excited for The Last Jedi? The new trailer is EPIC. But (possible spoiler) PLEASE don't go to the Dark Side, Daisy Ridley!


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