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5 Questions: Calls for better NZ history education, Aussie marriage equality ballot underway, MP slammed over suicide-euthanasia conflation + more

Image: Paris Buttfield-Addison / Wikimedia Commons

1. Do you think New Zealand history should be better taught in New Zealand schools? Two former Prime Ministers think so.

2. What on earth was this MP thinking? National MP’s social media post accusing Jacinda Ardern of encouraging “the elderly, disabled and sick” to commit suicide continues to inspire outrage.

3. Will Australia f-i-n-a-l-l-y join us in the 21st century and legalise marriage equality? Ballot papers for the upcoming non-binding vote are being sent out.

4. How is this Kiwi/Iwi crap still happening? New Zealand First candidate (thankfully) slammed by leader Winston Peters over Treaty of Waitangi comments.

5. Will you be queuing up for the new iPhone? Details begin to emerge about iPhone X.


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