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5 Questions: Ardern must answer questions about Peters and Russia, plague spreading, teens and sex + More

Image: Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport / Ben Mack

1. What did Jacinda Ardern know, and when did she know it? More questions are being raised about Winston Peters’ numerous meetings with Russian Ambassador Valery Tereshchenko – meetings that happened more frequently than Tereshchenko’s meetings with then-Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee. 

2. Should you be worried about the plague? The epidemic spreading in Madagascar is the worst outbreak of plague the world has seen in many decades. It is expected to soon make it to mainland Africa, and will likely spread from there. Fortunately, it is easily treatable with modern medicine - so long as it doesn't mutate.

3. If teens have sex with each other, should it be reported to the police? The second-largest school district in the US state of Oregon says yes - and is now doing just that.

4. Was the 2016 Democratic Primary rigged for Hillary Clinton? It's starting to look like it was.

5. Would you watch a Lord of the Rings TV series? J.R.R. Tolkien's books and Sir Peter Jackson's film adaptions are sacred, but a Game of Thrones-style series is reportedly in the works. It's unknown if Weta Workshop or Sir Peter would be involved, or if it would be filmed in New Zealand.


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