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Watch Sally Martin’s powerful #MyBodyMyTerms video diary

First published on Monday the 5th of October, 2015, this piece comes in at number 12 in the top 30 Villainesse stories of 2015.

Sally Martin, one of the #MyBodyMyTerms cast members, discusses why she decided to be involved with the campaign in her video diary.

“I know a heartbreaking number of women and men who have been victimised by assault or harassment or rape,” Martin says. “The victim-blaming culture surrounding [sexual violence] has to change.”

“There’s this myth around women that if they behave provocatively or act suggestively… that if they flirt or openly talk about sex that they’re ‘asking for it’, and that is so untrue.”

“The only person responsible for rape is a rapist.”

Watch the powerful video above.


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