• Thu, 26, Jan, 2017 - 12:30:PM

Teuila Blakely slays in powerful #MyBodyMyTerms video diary

Teuila Blakely, one of the #MyBodyMyTerms cast members, discusses why she wanted to be involved in the campaign in her video diary.

"It was vital for me to choose to be a part of this, to bring my support to this, because  of my own personal experience with [revenge porn] and what happened to me, what I went through, [and] how people reacted," she begins.

Bravely sharing her personal experiences, Blakely offers an important analysis of the phenomenon of online abuse. "One minute you might be in a relationship and you may share pictures or make videos, or whatever you like to choose to do with your partners - which is entirely your right. The fact that after circumstances change, or whatever, that people can share images or videos and then have people judge it... it really comes down to the fact that people still think that female sexuality is something that's okay to ridicule, and I think that is ridiculous."

Check out the whole video above.


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