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Watch Michelle Dickinson’s #MyBodyMyTerms video diary

Dr. Michelle Dickinson, one of the #MyBodyMyTerms cast members, discusses why she decided to be involved with the campaign in her video diary.

“I think it’s really important to understand what is reality – the person next to you – and what is fantasy – the person you may be looking at online, or looking at pictures of and thinking it’s a reality,” the nanophysicist says.

“Pictures get passed around, things get said. Just because you took [a picture] doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person.”

“You have to remember that stuff is out there for life, and so be proud of who you are, be proud of what you do and take ownership of what you present to the world, but be genuine to yourself too.”

“It’s up to us whether want to make this world a better place or not.”

Watch the full video above.


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