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  • Thu, 7, Dec, 2017 - 5:00:AM

What to buy a feminist for Christmas

Ah, Christmas. The season for giving. After all, what greater joy is there than making other people happy?

But making others happy isn’t always the easiest. We at Villainesse are keenly aware of this, so we’ve put together a guide for what to buy a feminist in your life. Cheers.

- This book that we read and loved.

- This rad shirt for wild feminists.

- This Lego set to decorate your desk with and provide some serious inspiration.

- This digital subscription to The New York Times.

- This DVD of a film starring the most kickass superhero, ever.

- These organic and environmentally-friendly sanitary products.

- This journal for recording your thoughts or changing the world.

- These pens for smashing the patriarchy.

- This mug for drinking male tears.

- These wireless earbuds that are made in Aotearoa.

- This book too that might make you see the world differently.

- A pre-order for this NZ-made, battery-powered motorised skateboard for getting around town in style and without damaging the planet.

- Love and friendship. Go ahead and call it cliché, but life is about the people you meet and the experiences you have, not the things you own. Plus, the best things can’t be bought at any price.


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