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TOP 30 OF 2018 - 29. Quiz: How legit is your adulting?

First published on Saturday the 23rd of June, 2018, this piece comes in at number 29 in the top 30 most read Villainesse stories of 2018.

Adulting. The older you get, the more unavoidable it becomes. Sadly, there comes a day for all of us when we are forced to realise that we have become an adult. Are you there yet? Take our highly scientific quiz to find out.

How many of the following questions do you answer yes to?


- Do you wash your sheets once a week?

- Can you cook more than 5 different meals?

- Did you vote in the last election?

- Do you actually know some of the policies of the party you voted for?

- Do you clean the toilet more than once a week?

- Do you find it impossible to sleep in past 9am?

- If you had a bad hangover, would it last for more than one day?

- Do you have a mortgage?

- Do you drink wine at home with dinner?

- Do you get a sense of peace from having a clean house?

- Do you get regular smear tests?

- Can you change a tyre?

- Do you own a set of screwdrivers?

- Do you have a favourite brand of hand soap?

- Do you have to use Urban Dictionary to figure out what acronyms stand for?

- Would drinking a jagarbomb be likely to be a cause of great regret the next day? 


If you answered ‘yes’ to less than five questions:

Who cares about clean sheets, hangovers and responsibility? You have youth on your side, and you’re only young once. You win. I’m jealous. Adulting is overrated.

If you answered ‘yes’ to between five and ten questions:

Time is marching on, but you’re still clinging on to your youth. The worst hasn’t happened yet. In fact, you may just be in the golden zone of developmental perfection. You’re adult enough to have the basics under control, and you may even have a clean bathroom, but you haven’t crossed over to the dark side yet. Hang in there as long as you can.

If you answered ‘yes’ to between ten and 15 questions:

Welcome to adulthood. I’m sorry. I know we all grew up thinking that adulting was all about staying up late and eating ice cream for breakfast, but who has the energy to stay up past 10pm anyway? And isn’t it funny how ice cream for breakfast pretty much never happens, AND you have to cook your own dinner and do your own washing? Welp.

If you answered ‘yes’ to all 16 questions:

Kia ora, e kui! (Howdy, Grandma!) Jokes aside, you’ve probably got your life way more together than I have. Congratulations. Go you and your adulting prowess. 


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