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Local sex survey reveals much to be desired

If you’re a person who engages in sexual activities, or you know a person who does, or you’re a member of the Facebook group Girl Related After Dark, or you’ve read this article, then you would have heard of the Satisfyer Pro 2. 

It’s the sex toy putting all others out of business, and surely responsible for a huge chunk of Adult Toy Megastore’s annual revenue. For me, it put Adult Toy Megastore on the map. It’s thanks to this nifty little gadget that I’ve become aware of Adult Toy Megastore’s (ATMS) incredible output – and it turns out the organisation is a lot more than just a warehouse full of pink and purple vibrators. Actually, ATMS is one of the few New Zealand companies putting serious time into understanding the sexual state of this country. They give tips, write articles, even produce their own podcast,

Recently, they published the results of a trans-Tasman sex survey, conducted by UMR, and the answers are revealing.

For starters (and this one hurts), apparently our neighbours in Australia are sticking it out a lot longer than we are in NZ:

“Of those surveyed, 57% of Aussies said they have sex for 10 minutes or longer on average, while only 52% of Kiwis do. The survey found 33% of New Zealanders typically have sex for 10 minutes or less, compared to 31% of Aussies.

One in three New Zealanders and Australians have sex for 10 minutes or less on average. They are more likely to be New Zealand men.”

According to the survey: One in four of all respondents said 10-15 minutes is the ideal length of time for sex. 19% of respondents felt 15 to 20 minutes is the ideal length of time. A minimum of 10 minutes is the ideal length for 69% of respondents from both sides of the Tasman.

Less than five minutes was only ideal for 4% of respondents from both countries.

With less time spent on pleasure during sex, it’s unsurprising that only one in three respondents said they orgasm every time they have sex. Predictably, they are more likely to be cisgender men.

Almost half of New Zealand and Australian men say they orgasm every time they have sex (49% each).

And yet, according to the survey, only 16% of women orgasm during sex.

According to Sophie McGrath, ATMS Head of Customer Satisfaction, these results prove the veracity of what’s commonly known as the “orgasm gap”.

"It's very sad to see that only 16% of women are having orgasms during sex. The hope is that once the problem is acknowledged, people will work on it together. In every aspect of our lives, we believe in health – but for some reason, there isn't a focus on a healthy sex life."

"We need to ditch some of the Victorian-era attitudes we have around sex and admit that it's important to talk about. The more we talk about sex the better - we need to discuss pleasure and how important it is. There's nothing about sex or masturbation that is shameful. It would be great to see people openly talking about the orgasm gap so the stigma is removed. Many women feel there's something wrong with them if they can't climax - that's just not accurate! There's nothing broken about you if you can't orgasm, it's about communication with your partner and trying new things."


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