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Four women-driven fountains of financial wisdom

Women have historically been excluded from the world of finance, and a significant amount of stigma persists around women having conversations about money. They’re two factors that have hugely contributed to the continued existence of the gender wage gap – if women don’t have financial literacy or the means to acquire it via discussion, how are we supposed to bridge that chasm? Fortunately, an increasing number of women are deciding to push aside the stigma for some #realtalk. If focusing on your financial health was one of your resolutions for 2019, here are four places to find informative, interesting, and relevant content to help boost your monetary acumen.

1. The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is a YouTube channel run/hosted by a team of women who create a wide variety of engaging videos on multiple aspects of personal finance. Topics they cover include: practical lifestyle advice; budgeting tips; discussions about debt; finance tips for university students; career advice; and information about investing. The abundance of information is delivered in short, digestible videos that go over various aspects of personal finance “in a way that doesn’t make you want to curl up in a ball and cry”. The Financial Diet advice is simple and specific, and each small step they recommend is designed to take you closer towards financial security (having an emergency fund, savings, investments, and a retirement fund).

2. Gaby Dunn on the ‘Bad With Money’ Podcast

Comedian and writer Gaby Dunn’s own traumatic money-related experiences, and frustrations about the lack of openness about negative financial experiences motivated her to create a podcast dedicated to talking about money. Over two seasons, Dunn reflects on both the factors that contributed to her personal financial situation as well as the oppressive systemic structures that disadvantage so many people. Each episode has curiosity, critique, and comedy in equal measure, all while illuminating the dark underbelly of capitalism. What more could you ask for in a podcast?

3. Women Who Share Their Budgets Online

An increasing number of women are publicly sharing their budget details online. This is a particularly brave act considering how much criticism (that sometimes borders on harassment) women can receive when they talk openly about how much they make and the things on which they spend their hard-earned dollars.

However, more and more YouTubers like Aja Dang are sharing their budgets online to help others on their financial journeys by reducing stigma about debt, speaking openly about the barriers to financial health, and empowering others to plan for luxury expenditures as well as the necessities in order to find freedom within a budget. They are creating safe spaces for women to discuss finance, develop strategies to gain financial freedom, and support one another as they improve their financial literacy. And everyone is invited to join them in the comments.

4. YouTubers Sharing Their ‘No-Buy’ Journey

YouTubers like Hannah Louise Poston and Leena Norms are making videos sharing their motivations for undergoing the ‘No-Buy’ challenge, and/or recording their reflections as they go through the process. The ‘No-Buy Year’ is an emerging trend in which people decide to spend a year, well, not spending. Prior to starting the year, participants are encouraged to create a set of rules about the exact conditions under which they are allowed to make purchases (e.g. if they run completely out of a product or if they are gifted a voucher) so that they can’t exploit any loopholes they may encounter.  

It’s a frank and fascinating conversation that’s taking place about how our brains are so trained into a consumer mind-set, and the unhealthy nature of the dependence on shopping for quick emotional pick-me-ups. It’s also a social experiment in cold-turkey behaviour modulation that aims for self-empowerment as women endeavour to ditch the unhealthy relationships they have with spending.


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