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  • Mon, 22, Jan, 2018 - 5:00:AM

2018: The year when women will take no shit

Aaaaaand we’re back!

Did you miss us? We missed you!

Happy New Year and all that stuff – if it’s still okay to say that on the 22nd of January.

We’re still coming to terms with having to think about things other than sunblock application and how many cherries is too many cherries, but we’re also super excited to jump into 2018. And there have been a few changes afoot while we’ve all been basking in the sun…

Over the holiday break we farewelled our former Associate Editor Ben Mack and welcomed two new regular contributors. As such, we’re stoked to introduce Kahu Kutia and Erin Gourley, whose work you will already likely have read, as they have both written for Villainesse before.

Check out Erin’s ‘A brief history of sexist bullshit in New Zealand politics’ if you haven’t already. It made the Top 30 most read pieces of 2017. Kahu’s ‘Understanding the Treaty of Waitangi: Why it's vital to protect our taonga’ is another great read. It’s as important now as it was when it was published in February last year; particularly as we find ourselves in the lead up to another Waitangi Day.

We’ve also been beavering away at our work-in-progress The REAL Sex Talk, a 12-episode series that we’ll be releasing in a few months time. In a nutshell, we’ll be talking about sex (baby) in webseries form, covering topics like respect and relationships, consent, pleasure, sexual orientation, gender identity, porn and a bunch of other important stuff. Keep an eye out for the series in March… we can’t wait to share it with you!

Just before we get this show on the road, I have a favour to ask. Villainesse is and has always been a labour of love for Jo and I. If you read a story that you absolutely love this year, and have a few dollars to spare, we’d humbly ask that you consider contributing a little something to our Press Patron campaign. We have a few fantastic regular givers (thank you!!!!!) who help us to keep delivering the no filter, no bullshit media for young women that is our reason for being, but running a small media organisation is no easy task. We have contributors to pay, among other costs, and we’re always hugely grateful when someone decides to help us out.

Right, let’s get this party started. Bring on 2018. Or, as I like to think of it, the year when women will take no shit and get lots of shit done.


Lizzie x


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