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Surviving Saturn Return

I remember hearing the lyric, ‘I was 27 surviving my return to Saturn’ in Katy Perry’s By The Grace Of God some years ago. I thought it was some pretty lyrical turn of phrase. It stuck in my head at the time, but I dismissed it as a bit of poeticism. Then Saturn entered back into Capricorn. And there was no dismissing it.

Confused? So was I. I still am. But apparently, between the ages of roughly 27-30, the planet Saturn completes a full rotation of the sun and returns to the place where it was in the sky when you were born. And then all hell breaks loose.

All that stuff you thought you knew? Yeah… lol. Saturn returns and shakes things up significantly. describes it thusly:

During the Saturn return—which lasts 2.5 to 3 years—you will come face to face with your own blocks and be forced to push through them. All the “mistakes” you made in the nearly three decades leading up to this seem to crystallise. Rather than repeating them on autopilot, you have a chance to turn lemons into lemonade. And if you refuse to heed those lessons, Saturn will bring a drill sergeant style smackdown. Indeed, the Saturn return starts off feeling a bit like boot camp for a lot of people.

Hoo boy. That sounds pretty accurate from my vantage point (one month off my 29th birthday). Saturn returned to Capricorn (where it was when I was born) in December of 2017. It will be there until March 2020 (give me strength). And sure enough, the last six months have been some of the most confusing, challenging and ultimately, I’m sure (or at least I bloody hope so), productive, I’ve ever had. 

I wasn’t one of those 26-year-olds who thought that she knew everything. I knew I had lots to learn, but I thought that I had the basics more or less figured out. But things have become very real over the last wee while. Things I’d been ignoring, consciously or subconsciously, have become blatant and impossible to avoid; questions I’ve had floating around in the back of my mind have been thrust to the centre of my attention; and I’ve been forced to think about what I actually want out of life. It’s been… a lot. But I can’t help but feel like I’ll have learnt a shitload by the time Saturn fucks off again. Or maybe I just have to think that to prevent me from having a quarter life crisis. There’s always that.

And sure, you may not believe in astrology. Fair enough. In that case, let’s just say that there might be something about the age range of 27-30 that makes you think and question and feel differently. If you are interested in the astrological side of it, however, you can learn more about Saturn Return for every sign of the zodiac here.

And as for my fellow Saturn-in-Capricorn sisters… hang in there, babes.

And bring on 30!


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