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The Netflix Christmas movies that are worth a watch (or not)

Joy to the world, Netflix has released another set of Christmas movies. This year, they’ve branched out. There’s only one movie with Vanessa Hudgens (down from two in 2018), there is a lesbian romantic plotline, and most of the movies do not involve royalty or magic. And trust me, those are big differences from last year. The movies are less Disney and more watchable.

1. Let It Snow

There were zero mistletoe references! There was a plotline where someone stole a keg! There was a man who was bad at sports! There were moments where I blushed and wanted to sink into the couch in shame or horror but they made the romantic plotlines far more believable!

Let It Snow felt like it was grounded in an experience of the real world. There were lesbians. There was no time travel. And while I love all the sappy sparkly magic, this was refreshing and I wanted the characters to succeed in their romances. There were surprises and laughs and it felt like the characters might not end up with exactly what they wanted. With three different romantic plotlines which all ended in the same location, the movie was like a more youthful and less cheesy version of Love Actually. Plus, the soundtrack is great.

2. Holiday Rush

I am a sucker for movies and TV shows where rich people suddenly lose everything and have to change their lives. So, Holiday Rush was off to a good start. The leading man, Rush, gets fired from his radio hosting slot the week before Christmas. He sells his house and moves his family in to a much smaller house with his aunt, so that he can start a rival radio station. His children are not happy.

What made this movie was the emotional depth. The writers took a hard look at how families deal with loss. Where it could have turned to comedy or romance, the movie went deeper. Viewers get the romantic plotline and the underdog-overcoming-adversity plotline, but Holiday Rush also addresses how Christmas can be hard if you’ve lost someone.

3. Holiday in the Wild

Rob Lowe and baby elephants. That’s all this movie needs as a sales pitch and those were the things that made it a fun watch. Plus, it was refreshing to have a Christmas movie set in the Southern Hemisphere where it is not snowing or cold in December.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the plot. Kate’s husband leaves her and she travels to Zambia alone for what was meant to be their second honeymoon. She meets Derek (Rob Lowe) and they fall in love while rescuing baby elephants. But I honestly think this movie was simply created around the idea that a rom com including baby elephants would be a hit. They were right, but beyond that, there’s not much to it. There’s romance and elephants and nothing else happens.  

4. The Knight Before Christmas

This was just a bad, bad movie. It was like a cheap version of Outlander with none of the sexual tension that is Outlander’s whole thing. As much as I wanted to see another Vanessa Hudgens Christmas movie, the writers still needed to develop a plot for it. But The Knight Before Christmas revolves around the knight from the fourteenth century travelling to the future to fall in love with Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens) and that is it. I’ve probably spoiled the whole movie with that single sentence. Never, at any point, did I believe that it wouldn’t work out. There was no tension, just lots of snow and Christmas carols and ‘oh the knight has discovered another piece of 2019 technology’ moments.

Watch it, I guess, if you want a movie that is packed full with every Christmas movie trope you can think of. Don’t watch it if you would rather spend an hour and a half doing something else with your life.

Note: Unfortunately, A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby hasn’t dropped yet. But in anticipation, I will say that one sequel was already too many sequels for A Christmas Prince. Although that’s not going to stop me from watching the third instalment.


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