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The Green Home: where can you get environmentally mindful lingerie?

Undergarments have always been about more than just fabric for your private parts. Reflecting the spirit of the times, lingerie has evolved over the years from constricting corsets to the contemporary pieces of today that help us lead our lives in comfort and confidence. Part of that comfort comes from knowing that your favourite pieces haven’t caused harm to other people or the planet. If you are looking for mindfully-made basics to add to your closet, here are three inspiring companies innovating in the undergarment space right now.


1. Organic Basics

Danish company Organic Basics is a fashion industry standout when it comes to sustainability, ethical production, innovative design, and transparency. With the vision of changing the dirty fashion industry, this certified B-corporation is all about “greener, simpler, basics”. Their approach to bringing to our closets dreamy sustainable lingerie, however, is comprehensive and complex. They: use textiles like TENCELTM lyocell that uses less water to create; have a transparent supply chain (with 100% of garmen suppliers based in Europe); offset their carbon emissions with CHOOOSE; ensure that packaging is reusable; participate in environmental projects; and have clear sustainability goals to make their business even greener and more transparent.



Australian company NICO infuses their lingerie with colours of the natural world. Ingredients such as the bark of the vembadam tree, tacoma flowers, turmeric, sea shell lime, clitoria flowers, and annatto seeds are used to dye the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified cotton before it is crafted into the pieces of their beautiful organic collection. The avoidance of toxic chemicals to dye their pieces is part of NICO’s effort to ensure their work does not compromise the health and lives of those making their lingerie. NICO lingerie is sewn in a Sedex-accredited factory in India, arrives at your door in 100% compostable packaging, and comes with a machine washable lingerie bag so that you can take care of your pieces and make them last longer.


3. The Great Undressed

The supply chain behind the garments made by The Great Undressed consists of working relationships built over many years. The pieces are designed and made in Sydney, from 100% IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) and GOTS-certified organic cotton supplied by a Japanese fabric supplier that has worked for over fifteen years with a group of organic cotton growers in India. The minimum wage laws of Australia, strict waste management and textile production laws of Japan, and supports in place for The Great Undressed’s cotton growers in India mean that you truly can look and feel great in their lingerie.


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