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Dear Mike Hosking, again

Image: Mike Hosking and Toni Street / TVNZ OnDemand

Dear Mike Hosking, again,

We’ve been intrigued to hear your recent views on sexism (“sexism seems increasingly used as an excuse for market reality”). That is, if ‘intrigued’ can be used as a euphemism for a funny sensation we’ve been experiencing today that involves nostril flaring, teeth grinding and steam pouring out our ears.

Once our heads stopped boiling long enough for our ladybrains to process a few thoughts, however, we realised what you were up to. You’re trolling us, Mike. Congratulations. You got us. You got us good.

At least that’s our best guess. Although, another possibility is that you’ve been accidentally transported to our time from the days of cave people.

We’re so glad that you mentioned “market realities”, however. A simple and well-established reality of the market is that it sometimes fails. We wonder whether that’s why you’re not so keen on your salary being made public. In case it reveals a market failing.

Whatever the case, we look forward to hearing more of the thoughts of a middle-aged white man on sexism. We know how you love to share them.




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